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Tired of comedy dripping with far left propaganda? So are we.

Make America Laugh Again is the only live conservative comedy show of its kind.

We've gathered the best stand-up acts around for a gut-busting night of politically-incorrect comedy.  There's nothing better than an evening with comedians who have the same views as YOU!

Join us if you're ready for the funniest comedy event you've been to in a long time.


Available NOW! Alex Elkin Releases New Comedy Special

The hilarious new comedy special "Alex Elkin: I'm Sorry, What?" is available for download exclusively at

A Portland native, Elkin began his stand up comedy career in 2016 after winning the prestigious 41st Annual International San Francisco Comedy Competition. In July 2018, he was chosen to entertain troops in Kuwait, Baghdad, Iraq and Syria.

Elkin was also a finalist in the Hollywood Laugh Factory’s International Donald Trump Impersonator Contest and is 2018’s champion of the Hard Rock Casino’s Annual Comedy Cage Match.

When he’s not home with his wife of 19 years and his three children, you can find him headlining comedy clubs across the country and cruise ships all over the world.

In his new special, Alex rips the mask off the PLANdemic to expose the pseudoscience Americans have been spoon-fed for two years now, while we flattened the curve and simultaneously flattened our country's economy.

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Adam Yenser


Adam Yenser Headshot 2020

Adam Yenser is a comedian and Emmy Award-winning writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he stars in the segment “Kevin the Cashier Played by Adam.”

He has appeared on Conan and FOX Laughs and been a panelist on The Greg Gutfeld Show. Adam has written for The Oscars, been a freelance contributor to SNL’s Weekend Update, and co-produced the web series “Laugh Lessons with Kevin Nealon.”

Adam mixes sharp observational humor with a uniquely conservative political perspective and has had sketches featured by Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire.

Alex Elkin


AE Headshot Hands copy

Alex Elkin started his stand-up career in 2016, after winning the prestigious 41st Annual International San Francisco Comedy Competition. In 2018, he was chosen for the honor of entertaining American troops in Kuwait, Iraq and Syria.

Alex was a finalist in the Hollywood Laugh Factory’s International Donald Trump Impersonator Contest, and was the 2018 champion of Hard Rock Casino’s Annual Comedy Cage Match. Alex has appeared on the Netflix series Trinkets in addition to Inside Edition, CNN, E!, TNT, NBC and the Sirius XM Raw Dog comedy channel.

Joel Brill


Joel Brill is The Loveable Curmudgeon who has seen it all, done it all and can’t remember most of it. His unique blend of comedy comes out as he discusses the challenges of being a senior citizen, marriage, business, sex, kids and a host of other topics. In 2016, he won 2nd place in Golden Artists Entertainments, Funniest Comic in Los Angeles competition.

Joel has performed at major venues including The Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv, The Ice House and major comedy festivals such as The World Series of Comedy and The Burbank Comedy Festival. He is a regular guest co-host at The Comedy KLIQ Internet Show.

Katie Hopkins



Katie Hopkins is best known for her fiercely opinionated, unapologetic style. She has been the top columnist at, and a regular guest on Fox News.

President Trump has described her as a “respected columnist” and thanked her for her work exposing the abject madness of unchecked illegal migration.

Katie’s irreverent humor and rebellion against the establishment has earned her death threats, but she refuses to bow down to the PC Police.

Gali Kroup


Israeli comedian Gali Kroup won 8 comedy competitions from 2015-2017!

In 2016, she appeared on Comedy Central, and in 2017 she taped a PureFlix TV special with comedy legends like Sinbad and Louie Anderson.

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